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Millennials (almost 30% of the world’s population), also known as Generation Y, are the ones who have revolutionized the world of business and implicitly of branding. They have different attitudes and values and they question everything. They are the WHY generation.
They are the part of the population that will have the highest purchasing power in a few years, reaching 2030 to have the largest share of the workforce and represent 40% of the working-age population globally.

The unique characteristics of this generation (often misunderstood as unpredictable), together with the economic reality it represents, make the Millennials generation the biggest challenge for today’s brands. For business, marketing, and branding people alike.
Next, we will see how they relate to brands and what their relationship is with them.

Millennials are looking for experiences
For them, experience with the purchased product or service is very important, to the point where it is even more important than the product itself. However, they do not compromise on quality and emphasize the uniqueness of the product.

Millennials often prefer local brands or those that are perfectly transparent, believing that they offer high-quality products, and usually, when buying, focus on niche businesses that offer an interactive shopping experience and unique. They want to know what the products contain, who prepares them, and where the ingredients come from.
The packaging has a special role here, which can communicate in an efficient and attractive way all these attributes.

Millennials don’t go halfway

They are much more careful in terms of packaging design and they know how to appreciate a good design and packaging. However, compared to other generations, regardless of the quality of the packaging, they will not be convinced if the product is not innovative and synchronized with the packaging, or does not rise to their standard in terms of quality. Conversely, a good product, but with packaging that does not suit their needs, will not arouse their interest.

Millennials must be surprised

They are naturally digital, they are active in social media, they know how to use technology naturally and they do it in a multitasking way. This means that their attention is harder to capture, but at the same time they can redistribute a relevant message to them in just a few minutes.

That’s why the brands they interact with must be at least as active as they are (active attention, not just present) online and beyond. They need to have a fresh approach, always bring them something new.

Millennials are looking for authenticity

This generation tends to see products and brands as an extension of their own person, as aids that allow them to develop their own personal brand.

They want products with a packaging design that has style, is authentic and unique in the category, but at the same time they are a generation sensitive to overpackaging.
In the second part of this article, you will learn 6 good practices in packaging design for millennials.

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