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Today, brands are flexible, agile, and easily adapt to the needs of the modern consumer. That’s because they know how to properly evaluate their status and make the right decisions, with the future of the business in mind.

Brand Check-up™ is a professional brand audit service offered by Brandfusion, which helps you assess the current position of your brand.

What will you get

You will understand whether your brand is ready to respond to the changing needs of the modern customer

The modern client has very high expectations, understands that he has options, and wants rich experiences that matter. Your brand needs to anticipate and move at the speed with which it moves to the needs of the consumer.

You will see if the messages your brand communicates are important to your customers

Modern consumers are bombarded with information and messages from all sides: websites, ads, testimonials, content, outdoor, etc. Your brand needs to communicate targeted and use action-driven messages.

You will understand why customers choose your brand to the detriment of competition

As customers’ expectations change, a returning customer can be much more valuable than ten new customers gained. Your brand needs to know which are the attributes that make it desirable and capitalize on them.

You will understand what customers expect from a brand in your industry

With instant access to any information, consumers know more than ever. Sometimes more than you. Make sure your brand understands the context in which it exists and what its basic expectations are.

You will see what are the points that differentiate you from the competition

In an increasingly saturated and competitive market and with more demanding consumers than ever, brands need to really stand out in order to generate growth. Your brand needs to know how it positions itself in relation to the competition and build on what differentiates it.

You understand whether your brand’s positioning is still present

Strong brands are built on an idea, on a clearly defined purpose, which they constantly use as a source of energy for business. And, although the purpose for which you do business never changes, the way you say it depends on the context in which you are.

You will see if the people in the organization are aligned to accomplish the same goal

The greatest strength of a company is its people. And when your team shares the same goal and fights for the same ideals, it is much easier to focus on delivering a unique consumer experience.

You will find out if the story of your brand is communicated clearly and convincingly

Brands gain fans by being part of their story, sharing with them the same purpose and the same values. Make sure you tell the story of your compelling brand and that others come to find inspiration and meaning in what you say.

You will find out if your brand behaves consistently at every touch point

A brochure, an e-mail, a conversation at the reception. All are points of contact with your brand (touch points), moments when you can win a fan or lose a customer forever. Your brand must be consistent with each and deliver the same promise every time.

Who will you work with?

A mixed team of senior brand consultants and strategists, designers, and research team.

Together, we have over 100 active branding and rebranding projects and dozens of audit projects that laid the groundwork for our projects.

Do you need more information, or do you want to take action? Let’s talk!

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