Today, brands are flexible, agile, and easily adapt to the needs of the modern consumer. That’s because they know how to properly evaluate their status and make the right decisions, with the future of the business in mind.

Brand Check-up™ is a professional brand audit service offered by Brandfusion, which helps you assess the current position of your brand.

What will you get

You will understand whether your brand is ready to respond to the changing needs of the modern customer

The modern client has very high expectations, understands that he has options, and wants rich experiences that matter. …

Millennials (almost 30% of the world’s population), also known as Generation Y, are the ones who have revolutionized the world of business and implicitly of branding. They have different attitudes and values and they question everything. They are the WHY generation.
They are the part of the population that will have the highest purchasing power in a few years, reaching 2030 to have the largest share of the workforce and represent 40% of the working-age population globally.

The unique characteristics of this generation (often misunderstood as unpredictable), together with the economic reality it represents, make the Millennials generation the biggest…

We have seen that branding essentially is the process of discovering and expressing clearly and coherently the uniqueness of a business. It is the starting point in a much broader journey in brand building. Once the idea of ​​the brand is discovered, it must be made tangible at the level of the four vectors that support the construction of a brand:

1. Product & services

2. Communication

3. The behavior of the organization

4. The environment in which the brand manifests itself

Of course, depending on the business category, each vector influences to a greater or lesser extent the construction…

Branding is a process of discovering the uniqueness of a business. The technology developed in the last 30 years has led to increased productivity, the supply of products and services, and the removal of barriers between countries. This has made possible the emergence of new industries such as mobile telephony, snowboarding, coffee chains, home video, discount stores, etc.

The outcome? For businesses, it has influenced the intensification of the price war, the decrease in margins and the lack of differentiation. For consumers, it has led to increased accessibility to products and services and their similarity.

How do we still manage…

The current context, generated by the pandemic and its restrictions, has changed and is changing the way the world and implicitly the brands interact both offline and online. Especially the online environment, from the perspective of businesses and brands that were mostly offline, has experienced a spectacular acceleration, an increase that would have been seen differently in a few years. The last few months have opened up a whole new world for certain categories of consumers, from browsing more on the web and interacting with your favorite brands to the first online order placed or providing online feedback. …

The speed with which content is created in the online environment is amazing. It is much harder to create online content and more efficient to see the costs to make it visible in order to have a larger number of consumers, taking into account the online budget in which no. Clicks / action for consumer care or undertaking.

At the same time, the growing presence of consumers in the online environment, especially the new generations Z or Millenials, drive brands to launch or intensify their digital actions.

Brands feel the need to create as much as possible, maybe faster, and…

Jonah Berger, a marketing professor at the renowned Wharton School of Business, said that “Virality is not born, it is made.” In other words, no brand can be made with a viralizing ability and that viral marketing can be thought, planned and pushed into the practice of any brand.

Why does viral marketing matter? Because between 20 and 50% of purchasing decisions are influenced by word of mouth, as McKinsey’s studies have shown. And your percentage can be higher, as the brand is newer or relatively more expensive.

Consumers have a multitude of daily choices, thus, they often choose to…

If you are at your first startup, the word branding can certainly intimidate you, especially when you haven’t gone through such a process

From our experience with entrepreneurs just starting out, we found that branding is associated with a logo design on a business card and, more recently, a website. It is rarely understood that a succession of actions designed to discover and articulate the idea that inspires entrepreneurs to believe in business, the values that speak to their conduct in business, and the promise of value they make to their consumers.

Without putting these things in order and without…

It is said that brands (especially product ones) do not belong to businesses, but they belong, first of all, to consumers. And rightly so, because it’s in the minds of consumers that associations with the brand, and perceptions related to it, are created.

According to, we spend a quarter of our free time on the social network. We are talking about FOMO (Fear of missing out), Insta Pics, the concept of posting stories that last one day. Today’s consumers have moved online, telling their story and sharing their experiences mainly in the digital environment.

Thus, we ask ourselves how…

Whether your business is a growing start-up or has recently undergone a rapid sprint branding process ( Brandfusion Booster ), the next step is to register and protect it in the territory where you operate.

If the branding process takes place internally, before to do any change, make sure that the brand name and the new identity are eligible for national registration (OSIM) on the classes of services and products your business activates. It is recommended that you do a detailed eligibility check and contact an intellectual property specialist.

One aspect that you need to consider at this stage is…


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